Krajobrazno vrednovanje privlačnosti prostora za određivanje biciklističkih ruta u Međimurskoj županiji

Jura Vrbanec


Mentor: Sonja Butula

Neposredni voditelj: Dora Tomić,




Cycling is a sport recreation branch, which has progressed the most in today's society, and is one of the main modes of touristic offers of continental tourism. Continental tourism has to use its comparative advantages through an offer for all 12 months of the year and not just seasonal. It's wrong to observe continental tourism as a complement of coastal tourism, since the forms of tourism that are developed inland can be also developed as completely independent offers. Therefore, continental tourism needs to develop as a separate tourism product.

Landscape value and position in the wider region makes Međimurje County attractive for the development of cycling tourism, which helps in development of the other supporting activities and the Međimurje County itself.

In order to obtain general knowledge about cycling and its position, the initial general part of thesis explains definitions and forms of cycling, and reviews the current situation of cycling in the Međimurje County. Positive effects of cycling on health and the overall development in the County are also examined.

In the analytical part of thesis, natural and social characteristics of Međimurje County were analyzed, through a review of textual spatial planning documents, inventorying of space and inquiry of public and expert attitudes through a interview.

Resulting knowledge of the spatial values indicated in great potential of space and based on these realizations, models of attractivity for cycling in the area of Međimurje County were made. For further development of the basic infrastructure for cycling, whit spatial analyzes of coexistence, new cycling routes were shown which connect the existing boundary routes of Međimurje County.

Keywords: cycling, tourism, cycling route, Međimurje County, spatial values